SAYDS is a non-profit organization that seeks to make social change initiatives viable, highly successful and deeply transformative for young people that are solving complex social problems. We equip them with the systems thinking skills required to solve complex problems and empower them to be thought leaders and effective problem solvers in their spheres of influence.

Complexity Analysis Toolkit

Most of the social problems that we face are quite complex and so they have been widely acknowledged as ‘complex problems’ since they are resistant to simple solutions. These problems are prevalent in all spheres of social life and we all face them on a regular basis: for instance, poverty, education inequality, economic inequality, high levels of pollution, poor environmental quality, racism, corruption, violence, etc. These problems cannot be easily simplified and always resist solutions. They are messy and lack one solution since the outputs are also inputs.

Systemic Intervention Toolkit

SAYDS uses a model called CABESA to equip youth with systems thinking skills, which stands for Co-Designing And Building Enduring Systems Acumen. It is an innovative approach for equipping youth with skills for solving complex social problems and deepening their civic engagement. It seeks to improve the existing teaching and training approaches that are used to equip youth with such skills. CABESA uses a combination of the science of learning and design thinking principles, with a clear focus on the application of systems thinking, rather than a mere explanation of these concepts.